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Native American Flute

Click HERE to listen to clips from my album.

Tree Leaves

Native American flutes and CDs are available at the State Indian Museum Store in Sacramento, where I provide a free beginner's lesson with flute purchase.

It is said that music, art, and other creative expressions come directly through the veil from spirit, and seek form through our individual, unique efforts.  I keep these thoughts in mind as I play and teach Native American flute.

I do not "play" songs as such, or play from written music, but rather search for the sounds and tones that reflect my emotions, Nature, or visions.

I enjoy playing, and encourage others to learn.  I have found Native flute useful in counseling, meditation, with children, and so much more. If allowed, it will bring about calm and healing.

Often asked to perform for events, I usually agree to play background music. I prefer to enhance the environment rather than perform for an audience. In addition to Native American events and culture centers, I have played in museums, art galleries, park & nature centers, libraries, and universities. 

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