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Native American Flute

Tree Leaves

Native American flutes are available at the State Indian Museum Store in Sacramento, where I provide a free beginner's lesson with purchase.

It is said that music, art, and other creative expressions come directly through the veil from spirit, and seek form through our individual, unique efforts.  I keep these thoughts in mind as I play and teach Native American flute.

I do not "play" songs as such, or play from written music, but rather search for the sounds and tones that reflect my emotions, nature, or visions.

I enjoy playing, and encourage others to learn.  I have found Native flute useful in counseling, meditation, with children, and so much more. If allowed, it will bring about calm and healing.

Often asked to perform for events, I usually agree to play background music. I prefer to enhance the environment rather than perform for an audience. In addition to Native American events and culture centers, I have played in museums, art galleries, park & nature centers, libraries, and universities. 

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