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The Growth of My Philosophy

I am of Amah Mutsun Ohlone (California Native) and Aztec heritage and hold an M.A. in Counseling.  As a university counselor and Native Studies professor,  I devoted my career to advocating for diverse communities and Native American families.  I am also an artist, musician, author, and illustrator.  

In my lifetime I have been fortunate to find teachers, guides, and Shamans who invited me to join in many experiences and adventures. I use my experience with those amazing individuals and the teachings of Nature to help others bring about positive change in themselves that, I believe, ultimately affects us all. 

As a docent at the State Indian Museum in Sacramento I play and teach Native flute, and share stories about Native cultures and my spiritual journey.

Click here for more information in an article from Inside Magazine (pages 44-45).

Image by Sofia Khlebnikov


2nd World Congress of Integrated Medicine & Health, Rome                          

                                      September 2023

    Experiential Workshop on Transpersonal      Integrative Medicine for Adults & Children

Renaissance Society,  California State University, Sacramento             June 2023

     Significance of the Eagle & Condor

     Prophecy in Indigenous Culture

Disability Rights California, San Diego                                                        May 2023

     Meditation & Native American Flute

     Thriving in the New Era Post - COVID-19

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Mexico Centro (Zoom) -                              February 2023

     Indigenous Views on Death & Transition


Quintessential Care Summit     June 2022

California State University, Sacramento

   Hospice & Palliative Care: Unique                    Approaches to Delivering Care for    

   Underserved Communities

CalPERS, Sacramento           August 2022

     Thriving in the New Era Post - COVID-19

Crocker Art Gallery, Sacramento        

                                       September 2019

     Exhibit Interpretation:

    When I Remember I See Red


FB Al Striplen -3595.jpg C.jpg

Umunhum in the Mutsun dialect means resting place of the hummingbird. The bird is now used as the emblem of my people, the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. It is significant in the Band's origin story.

Click HERE to view How Hummingbird Got Fire.

photo courtesy @anikophotos

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