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The mind is like a computer. 

Faulty input results in faulty output.

Let's Talk

My approach to counseling is influenced by Native spiritual ways and metaphysical/esoteric experiences & teachings. I welcome all members of the human family without prejudice.

Simplicity has become the guidepost for my counseling, guidance, and healing work.  My personal journey has taught me much about how to flow in life's currents. It has helped me appreciate simplicity, the ways of Nature, and above all that I am physically, energetically, and spiritually an integral part of the cosmos.

I help individuals:

  • Understand and take command of personal self esteem

  • Learn healthy balance in decision-making and prioritizing

  • Evaluate and simplify daily life issues and focus on appropriate action

  • Gain conscious command of emotional, physical and spiritual health

  • Identify false messages, create their own future, clear mental & emotional baggage, and work with intuition & meditation to enable the condition known as "happiness"

Image by Michael Busch
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