Holistic Resources

Holistic Healing: Alternative Ways to Think About Healing

Holistic Resources


Sherianna Boyle - author & speaker

Emotional Detox Coaching               www.sheriannaboyle.com

Paola Ranova - writer, energy medicine practitioner, creator of the 

Cardinal Method of Life Connection www.paolaranova.com

Dr. Emil Faithe - medical intuitive

Susan Faithe - energy therapist               www.healingwizards.com

Dr. Duccio Locati - mind/body/placebo effect

PSYCH-K                                         www.ieyes.org

Dr. Frank Springon- expanding & balancing the human energy field

Morphogenic Field Technique     www.morphogenicfieldtechnique.com

Ian White - fifth generation Australian herbalist

Australian Bush Flower Essences      www.ausflowers.com.au

Jonathan Goldman - reawakening the power of sound to heal & tranform

Healing Sounds                                 www.healingsounds.com

John G. Ryan, MD - author, speaker, healer   Unity Field Healing https://worldsummitintegrativemedicine.com/unity-field-healing/

Dr. Bradley Nelson - author, holistic chiropractor, energy healer


Isabelle Benarous - neuro-linguistic programming & biological decoding

The Bio-Breakthrough: Decode Your Illness and Heal Your Life


Sue Morter, MD, speaker, master of Bio-Energetic Theory, & quantum field visionary

                                                  www. drsuemorter.com

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