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Little Deer

Little Deer 

Book Series for Children

In 2017 I wrote & illustrated a children's book -  

Little Deer and the 

First Native American Flute.

It is the story of Little Deer, a young California Indian, whose journey and experiences lead him to the discovery of the first Native American flute.  This book grew out of my love for this music and belief in the power it possesses to soothe and heal.


Since then I have completed 

Little Deer Dreams of Bear.

In this second book in the Little Deer series, Little Deer is growing up. One night he dreams of Bear, and learns about the beginning of humans, lessons from Nature, and how everyone has a part to play in bringing peace and happiness to Earth.

The third book is entitled 

Change Comes to Little Deer.

Readers follow along as Little Deer meets Tobias, an elderly tortoise, and his friend Caterpillar, when they confront change and fear in the world. Watch as they learn, through Bear's wisdom, that change is good, and that when we change the way we look at things the things we look at will change.

Books are available on

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