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A Private, Personal Ceremony of Quietness

Individual Sessions

I have purposely avoided labeling my method because, actually, when you meditate, it becomes your method. When I meditate I call it my "quiet time."  A Shaman once explained ceremony this way:  "It's just to clear your mind so you can hear your heart.  That is where Creator talks to you."

Many of us are not clear, however, on what Creator (God, Source, All That Is, Higher Self) sounds like. The natural state of the human being is connection or union with Source. So meditation is more like "allowing'" our natural state of being to take place, to exist.

I will help you to discover "your way" of getting there. You will become accustomed to your own inner signals that inform you along the way.  If you wish to have a discussion with Creator, form an intention, or use a mantra, we will discuss how that occurs.  It is a natural, beautiful process - if we allow it.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

A glimpse into my work.

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